Jens Troendle
Music Producer

fünfton LC 15797


The fünfton label was founded by music teacher Elena Marx and music producer Jens Tröndle in 2007 with the aim of producing and distributing good music with children and adults for children and adults.
The focus is on children of pre-school and primary school age. But their younger and older siblings, parents and grandparents, educators in daycare centers and kindergartens as well as teachers in elementary school should also enjoy this music.
Accompanying books are planned with short stories, pictures painted by children, photos, movement and dance instructions as well as sheet music for the individual pieces.

So far 7 CDs have been released:

2007 CD1 Wir Kinder vom Kleistpark

2008 CD2 We children from Kleistpark make music
On 11.09.2009, the CD was awarded the media prize
Leopold - Good music for children

2010 CD3 We children from Kleistpark are three

2012 CD4 We children from Kleistpark celebrate Christmas

2014 CD5 We children from Kleistpark dance

2017 CD6 We children from Kleistpark - 10 years

2018 CD7 We children from Kleistpark #backstage

Our distribution partners for physical distribution in bookstores
in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are Amazon, Libri, KNV and Umbreit
and for digital distribution worldwide Zebralution via all streaming platforms.


The songbook for the 1st CD was published in 2017

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