Jens Troendle
Music Producer

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Release 16.12.2023

Dance to the Ukrainian national anthem, listen to Volodymyr Oleksandrovyč Zelensʹkyj's appeal and never stop believing that Ukraine will be integrated into the peaceful European family as a free democratic country. I also hope that one day Russia will once again be a free country of free citizens that can choose its leaders in free elections. Then there will also be reconciliation between the people of these two nations, as well as between France and Germany after two terrible wars, and Russia can then also be part of the European family.
 Down with all the despots of this world. We no longer need you. Your time is up. We dance for peace and freedom.                 



"David always came to the rehearsals for the "Wir Kinder vom Kleistpark" concerts with a rucksack in which he always carried his ukulele, among other things. He took it out at every suitable and unsuitable opportunity to accompany Portuguese  songs on it.  That inspired me to write the song "Ukulele". The tuning of the four empty strings plucked from top to bottom g, c, e, a, sounded like a melody to me and it fitted perfectly with the syllables of the word "U- Ku -Le -Le". Of course David, with his sun-drenched Portuguese voice, was also supposed to sing this song and my daughter Zeruya added a few harmony vocals."